Mosquito Interlock Rules

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Revised: May 1, 2018

1 - Introduction

1.0 General - The Mosquito divisions are instructional divisions. We are committed to providing appropriate levels of baseball for everyone with the emphasis being placed on skill improvement and enjoyment of the game. It is important for the development of a player's skills that a player has the opportunity to play positions in both the infield and outfield. Winning, losing and what the score is should not be important at these levels. Winning isn’t everything, but the effort to win is.Competition is not a concern but developing good citizens who are good players is.

1.2 Mosquito Division-The emphasis is placed on instructing the players on pitching and hitting. Some emphasis will be placed on base running, as base running becomes more of a concern in Peewee Division.

2 - Definition of Terms

2.1 Uncarded Players - are players who are playing on any team other than Niagara Interlock Baseball house league (Thunderbirds, All-star, etc.). These players are restricted from playing in the Niagara Interlock Baseball house league.

2.3 All Games played with an ineligible player will be forfeited by the offending team.

2.4 Players may be A/P’d to a Rep team in their center. These player’s names must be submitted to the Interlock Committee. As well, these players are required to play with their house-league team over the Rep team they have been A/P’d to. Maximum of 3 A/P players per Rep team.

3 - General Rules

3.1 Unless otherwise stated in this document the official rules of baseball and any rules adopted by Baseball Ontario will apply.

3.2 Field dimensions are as laid out in the official rules of baseball

3.2.2 Mosquito - The pitching rubber is forty-two (42) feet from the tip of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber. The distance between all bases will be sixty-five (65) feet.

3.3 Each association will supply a copy of the ground rules for each of their parks and the ground rules will become a part of the rules.

3.4 Any person warming up a pitcher, no matter where they are, must wear a helmet, mask and throat protector.

3.4.1 Mosquito & Peewee - If it is another player, they must also wear the extra set of leg guards provided.

3.5 All players must wear an appropriate athletic support.

3.6 Players are to wear the uniform and protective equipment provided by their association. Anyone not in uniform will not be allowed on the field, nor will anyone be allowed on the field wearing an ejected player's uniform.

3.8 No jewelry allowed (ONLY MEDICAL)

3.9 Tie-Breaking Procedure:

3.9.1 Regular Season:

- total points

- head to head games

- total runs against

3.10 Scores will be credited as follows for the following:

3.10.1 All games forfeited will be declared a 7-0 win by the non-forfeiting team.

3.10.2 All games that are a declared tie will result in a 4-4 score.

3.11 All protests must be done at end of play with umpire and notify your convenor within 48hrs

4 - Starting & Ending Game

4.1 Mosquito - All games are six (6) innings long.

4.2 It is an official game after four (4) innings of play.The bottom of the fourth inning need not be played if the home team is ahead after the top inning is completed.

4.3 Games called due to curfew, darkness, weather, or any other reason before becoming an official game, will be replayed in their entiret

4.4 Mosquito - No new inning will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes, with a drop dead time of 2 hours. Once DROP DEAD time is reached, if the home team is NOT winning, the game will revert back to the last completed inning and be deemed a complete game at that point.

4.5 All games begin at the scheduled start time unless they are delayed by a previous game or the umpires arriving late. In these cases, time begins with the first pitch.

4.6 A team will have a fifteen (15) minute grace period from the scheduled start time to field a team of no fewer than eight (8) players. If a team is unable to field a team of eight (8) players, the game will be defaulted to the opposing team and a final score of 7 to 0 will be recorded. If the team forfeiting the game is the visiting team they will be responsible for covering the costs of the home team (to be limited to umpires fees, diamond fees and lighting fees). Coaches are expected to use call-ups to ensure that this does not occur. A game shall be forfeited if a team has one or more players ejected and as a result cannot field a team of eight (8) players. If a team is left with fewer than eight (8) players as a result of an injury, and the injury occurs before it is an official game, the game will be rescheduled. If the injury occurs after it has become an official game, the team may continue with less than eight (8) players.

4.6.1 Mosquito - The team with fewer than eight (8) players will borrow players from the opposing team and an exhibition game will be declared and played.

4.7 A team left with fewer than eight (8) players as a result of an ejection will forfeit the game, regardless of when the ejection occurs during the game. The score will read 7-0.

4.8 A maximum of THREE (3) runs may be scored per half inning in the first four innings. From the fifth inning on there are unlimited runs.

4.9 The game ends if one team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs after five (5) complete innings. (If the home team is ahead by 10 runs then after four and one half (4-1/2) innings have been completed). For clarity, if the visitors go up by ten runs during their at bat, the inning continues until the full inning has finished. If the home team goes up by ten (10) runs during its half of the inning, the game ends at that point even if three (3) outs have not been recorded.

5 - Postponements

5.1 The park convenor of each association will make the decision to postpone a game where field conditions are unplayable and call the visiting team’s coach no less than one (1) hour prior to the start of a game. If it is less than one (1) hour prior to the start of the game the decision will be made at the diamond once both coaches have arrived. Where possible, this decision should be made in sufficient time to inform coaches and umpires. The game will be rescheduled.

5.2 Once the umpire has taken the field to start a game, the umpire is the only one who can cancel a game. If this occurs before it is an official game, then the game will be replayed in its entirety.

5.3 All games postponed due to weather will be replayed as soon as possible under the following guidelines:

5.3.1 The home team must reschedule the game within seven (7) days of the originally scheduled date, sending notice to both the visiting team and the score reporting email address by that time, or they shall forfeit the game.

5.3.2 The home team will give at least one (1) week notice to the visiting team for the make up game.

5.3.3 All games postponed during the last two (2) weeks of the season will be declared ties, only where 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 above cannot be adhered to, or if the visiting team agrees to waive 5.3.2.

5.4 There is a system of call ups used by each association. This allows coaches to get enough players from the next lower OBA division house league, so their team doesn't have to forfeit as a result of not having enough players. Players called up must become part of the roster for the game and they must be played the same as everyone else during the game. Players must be cleared by their parents (if under the age of 18) to play. If a center does not have a lower house league division team available to pick up from (no team entered in the division or all teams in the division are playing), they will be able to pick up players from any lower Niagara Interlock Baseball house league team.

5.5 Games that need to be re-scheduled due to a team playing in a tournament must be rescheduled, with a date set, one week prior to the originally scheduled date.

5.6 Games can ONLY be re-scheduled as in 5.3 (weather) and 5.5 (tournament) above. 6

6 - The Batter

6.1 There will be a continuous batting order.

6.2 Any player arriving late will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

6.3 Wood bats are allowed providing they conform to the rules of baseball.

6.4 Mosquito - All batters are out on a catcher’s miss of a third strike.

6.5 Batting helmets with chin straps must be worn by all batters and on-deck batters

7 - The Runner

7.1 Mosquito - A runner may not lead off, but may attempt to steal second or third base only, and may not advance home as a result of a continuous play resulting from stealing second or third base. All base runners shall not leave their base until the pitched ball has crossed the plate. If a base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has crossed the plate he will receive one warning after which he will be called out.

7.2 If the scheduled catcher is on base when the second out is made the catcher will have a courtesy runner to speedup play. The courtesy runner will be the last player called out.

7.3 Batting helmets with chin straps must be worn by all base runners.

7.4 Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to avoid making contact with a fielder. Runners who do not slide to avoid contact with any defensive player at home plate or any base, will be called out whether the contact is malicious or not, regardless of the outcome of the play. If the Umpire in his discretion feels that the contact was malicious, the offending player will also be ejected from the game. 

7.5 The catcher, without the ball in his possession, has no right to block the pathway of the runner attempting to score. The base line belongs to the runner and the catcher should be there only when he is fielding a ball or when he already has the ball in his hand. This will result in an obstruction call, and the runner will score. If contact is made, and the Umpire in his discretion feels that the contact was malicious, the offending player will also be ejected from the game.

8 - The Pitcher

8.1 Pitchers shall be limited to the following limitations. Any pitcher that pitches more than these limitations will result in the forfeiture of the game for the team with the offending pitcher. It should be noted that if a player is suspended for any reason, the games under suspension do not count as games not pitched under this rule

8.1.1 Mosquito - A pitcher shall pitch a maximum of two (2) consecutive innings.

8.1.2 Any players overage for their division are restricted from pitching in the division

8.1.3 Any players A/P’d to play are restricted from pitching in the division they are called up to.

8.2 One (1) pitch thrown in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.

8.2.1 Mosquito - Any player who assumes the pitching position in an inning will be charged with one inning pitched.

8.3 Any player who is removed from the pitching position shall not return to the pitching position for the remainder of the game.

8.3.1 Mosquito - Any player removed from the pitching position in the middle of an inning must be replaced by a player on the field. A player removed from the pitching position in the middle of an inning, must take a position on the field in the inning the player was removed. A pitcher cannot be replaced by a player from the bench in the middle of an inning.

8.4 All records of innings pitched will be set to zero (0) at the start of the playoffs.

8.5 Mosquito - In the case of a balk the umpire will not make a call at the time of play, but will approach the pitcher and his/her coach between innings and explain why a balk would be called. No runners will advance.

8.5.1 For Mosquito divisions trips to the mound are unlimited unless the umpire feels that this privilege is being abused or is a deliberate attempt to delay the game. In the latter case the coach is subject to time being added on and / or being ejected from the game. (Coaches should be cognizant of the need to keep the game moving.)

8.6 The pitcher will be allowed five (5) warm-up pitches at the beginning of an inning. A new pitcher coming to the mound in the middle of an inning will be allowed eight (8) warm-up pitches.

9 - Substitutions

9.1 Defensive substitutions are unlimited. Coaches may move players in and out freely.

9.1.1 Mosquito - No player will sit out a second time until every other player has sat out once. This rule then follows, that no player can sit out a third time until every other player has sat out a second time, etc. A pitcher who is going into their second or third inning on the mound is exempt from this rule. It follows that they must sit out the next inning. No player will sit out two (2) consecutive innings or play more than three innings in the outfield.

10 - The Umpire

10.1 The umpire’s decision shall be final in respect of all matters relating to the interpretation of these rules

11 - Field Conduct

11.1 Abusive and/or foul language by coaches, players, or spectators will result in ejection from the game and/or park. The harassment policy set forth by baseball Ontario will be strictly enforced.

11.2 No arguments will be permitted among any coaches, players, spectators or umpires. The umpire’s decision is final. This behaviour will result in ejection from the game and/or the park.

11.3 No arguments will be permitted between any coaches, players, or spectators. This behaviour will result in ejection from the game and/or park.

11.4 The use of tobacco products by players, coaches and umpires in any form, is prohibited from the time they enter the park until they have vacated the park. This behaviour can result in ejection from the game and/or park.

11.5 The abuse of equipment may result in ejection from the game.

11.6 In the event a player and/or a coach are ejected from a game. The following shall apply:

· Ejected first time one (1) game suspension

· Ejected second time two (2) game suspension

· Ejected a third time indefinite suspension pending Review by a committee of Representatives from each Association within 7 days

· Any ejection for fighting and/or physical abuse of an umpire is an automatic indefinite suspension pending executive review.

· Suspension duration is not affected by the beginning of the playoffs and such carry through regardless.

11.7 Any player or coach ejected from a game shall be noted on the game report (of both teams) emailed to the Interlock Scores reporting site.

11.8 All coaches must be wearing shoes with closed toes and closed heels.

12 - Special Responsibilities

12.1 The home team is responsible for putting the bases out before a game and putting them away after the game.

12.2 The visiting team may have the diamond twenty five (25) minutes before game time for a ten (10) minute warm-up. The home team may have the diamond fifteen (15) minutes before game time for a ten minute warm-up if time permits. Warm-ups should commence along foul territory before game time.

12.3 Rosters for games will be completed before game time and exchanged between the teams. Each team will provide the home plate umpire with a lineup showing all players with their numbers taking part in the game. This lineup need not be in batting order.

12.4 It is important that coaches realize that time is of the essence. It is important to keep the game moving.

12.5 All teams must submit their team rosters by June 30 to the email reporting. The required information shall include the first name, last initial, jersey number and whether the player is designated as an A/P player to a Rep team.

12. 5.1 Teams that have not submitted their roster by the date in 12.5 will not be eligible for the playoffs. Any new players to be added to the roster after the date in 12.5 must be approved by the Interlock Committee

12.6 Baseballs - only baseballs approved by Baseball Ontario will be allowed to be used in their respective divisions.

12.6.1 Mosquito : home team to provide one new and one good used ball at the beginning of the game, and any further balls required shall be at least good used balls.

12.7 SOBA

12.7.1 Any teams wishing to play in SOBA Championships must declare to the Interlock Committee no later than July7

12.7.2 Any playdowns required to determine a single team to represent the Niagara Interlock must be completed by the Civic Holiday Monday.

12.8 Reporting Points: All coaches are reminded to report scores for all games to the reporting email in the following format and within 48 hours of their game to earn that game’s reporting point.

12.8.1 Mosquito: Subject Line:Division (MOSQUITO) Body of Email:Game date, home score, visitor score, team reporting.

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